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Examining Prejudice and Racism: Resources for the High School Classroom

Resources for talking about, reflecting on, and acting against prejudice. Includes interactive quizzes for conscious/unconcious bias, interviews, historical primary source documents, 


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  • Supporting Students of Color and Battling Racism | Advancement Courses
    Resources include lesson plans, videos, surveys, teaching strategies and more. I anticipate a teacher using strategies... More
  • Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project
    This curated collection includes several primary source documents of relating to racism and segregation practices in... More
  • Looking into the Westside: Untold Stories of the People, 1900-1997
    A collection of interviews and stories from Hispanic youth in Southern Tucson. It would be part of the unit that... More
  • Understanding Prejudice
    This is a collection of free resources curated to supplement a McGraw-Hill textbook. There are interactive surveys/tests... More
  • ADL: Fighting Hate for Good
    Anti-Defamatory League website includes education resources, links to research, strategies for taking action on numerous... More
  • Column: Language matters: The shift from ‘slave’ to ‘enslaved person’ may be difficult, but it’s important
    Discussion of the value and attitudes toward person-centric terms such as enslaved, undocumented immigrants, etc. This... More
  • Why We Must Immediately Cease and Desist Referring to Enslaved People as, “Slaves”
    Column on how language and terms we use can reflect unconscious bias or shape new attitudes and thinking. This would be... More