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Virtual EUniversity Mini Moocs - Psychology

Free Mini MOOCs designed to be completed in one week. Only need to be registered to take the End Examination and earn a Certificate.

Collection Content

  • PSY01 - Psychology - Introduction to Psychology
    What is psychology, history of psychology, contemporary psychology, and careers
  • PSY02 - Psychology - Psychological Research
    Why is research important, approaches, analyzing findings, and ethics
  • PSY03 - Psychology - Biopsychology
    human genetics, cells of the nervous system, parts of the nervous system, brain and spinal cord, and endocrine system
  • PSY04 - Psychology - States of Consciousnes
    what is consciousness, sleep and why we sleep, stages of sleep, sleep problems and disorders, substance use and abuse,... More
  • PSY05 - Psychology - Sensation and Perception
    sensation vs perception, waves and wavelengths, vision, hearing, and the other senses
  • PSY06 - Psychology - Learning
    what is learning, classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and observational learning (modeling)
  • PSY07 - Psychology - Thinking and Intelligence
    what is cognition, language, problem solving, intelligence and creativity, measures of intelligence, and the source of... More
  • PSY08 - Psychology - Memory
    PSY08 - Psychology - Memory (Online Course)
    how memory functions, parts of the brain involved, problems with memory, and enhancing memory
  • PSY09 - Psychology - Lifespan Development
    lifespan development, lifespan theories, stages of development, and death & dying
  • PSY10 - Psychology - Emotion and Motivation
    motivation, hunger and eating, sexual behavior, and emotion
  • PSY11 - Psychology - Personality
    what is personality, Freud and the psychodynamic perspective, NeoFreudians, learning and humanistic perspectives
  • PSY12 - Psychology - Social Psychology
    what is social psychology; self-presentation; attitudes and persuasion; conformity, compliance, and obedience; prejudice... More
  • PSY13 - Psychology - Industrial-Organizational Psychology
    what is industrial psychology; selecting and evaluating employees; the social dimension of work; human factors... More