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Interactive math - probability

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  • Interactive Mathematics--Probability
  • Geogebra
    Geogebra (Simulation)
    GeoGebra is a free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software
  • Geometry Gallery-Basic Geometry
    Geometry: Basic geometric concepts demostrated by by a collection of applets.
  • Maths Online
    Maths Online (Simulation)
    Math learning materials for high school
  • Scatterplot and Correlation Coefficient
    A simulations display the regression line and allow the users to change. Its a scatterplot collection
  • Isometric Drawing Tool
    Isometric Drawing Tool (Simulation)
    Simulation on isometric drawing tool
  • Manipula Math - Middle School (Geometry)
    Euclidean geometric applets - manipula math
  • Theory Behind Linear Regression
    Demonstration of theory behind regression
  • An Interactive Proof of Pythagoras' theorem
    step-by-step graphic proof of the Pythagoras' theorem shown by interactive applet
  • Fraction Pointer
    Fraction Pointer (Simulation)
    investigating the various facets of math fraction by interactive simulation