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talks about the acoustics of music for different instruments

Collection Content

  • Music Acoustics
    Music Acoustics (Collection)
  • DSO Kids
    DSO Kids (Animation)
    aimed at young students, free, interactive online resource
  • Science of Music
    Science of Music (Learning Object Repository)
    Hey, this is by Dr. Bryant! lol no but this seems like something fun and interactive to use in music appreciation /... More
  • Online Music Theory Reference
    Online Music Theory Reference (Reference Material)
    Can be used to reinforce concepts or to differentiate instruction in theory classroom / ensembles
  • Tonal Music Theory Examples
    good way to reference some aural training without having to play piano myself
  • African Music and Dance
    from Berkelee, cool for a cultural unit in history or ensembles
  • Reason to Rock: Rock Music as Art Form
    this is neat for a songwriting / guitar class