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Things I want to know about now and that could benefit me in the future.

Collection Content

  • Music Acoustics
    Music Acoustics (Collection)
    The acoustics of various musical instruments.
  • Musicovery
    Musicovery (Collection)
    A point-and-click node-based interface that allows users to browse a variety of music categorized by "mood" and "dance."
  • Science of Music
    Science of Music (Learning Object Repository)
    This site engages the learner using enticing questions and interactive objects to allow creating and experimenting with... More
  • The Singing Voice
    The Singing Voice (Reference Material)
    The Singing Voice provides detailed information, history and links about the human voice, opera and the art of singing.
  • Cambodian Music
    Cambodian Music (Simulation)
    This site is very informative about Cambodian music and includes some dance. Photos and audio clips of instruments and... More