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Optics Recommendations

The following MERLOT items are recommended by the MERLOT/Physics Editorial Board for optics.

Collection Content

  • HyperPhysics Light and Vision
    Hyperphysics Light and Vision is a collection of topic modules covering the field of optics and visual perception.... More
  • Refraction of Light
    Refraction of Light (Simulation)
    This Java applet illustrates the reflection and refraction of light at the boundary between two materials. Indices of... More
  • Single Slit Diffraction (Physics)
    This applet provides a simple interactive simulation of single slit diffraction. Users can control both wavelength and... More
  • Optics Bench Physlet
    Optics Bench Physlet (Simulation)
    This is a virtual optical bench with example scripts and sample problems. This object won a MERLOT Editor's Choice... More