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  • Virtual Chemistry Laboratory
    Crazily cool but possibly difficult to use chemistry demonstrations whre you get to pick your tools and make your own... More
  • Composition of Velocities
    animation of how to add up vlocities in order to determine the total velocity, direction
  • Physics Demo Videos
    Physics Demo Videos (Presentation)
    multiple videos of demonstrations that you could use in class, able to be permanently downloaded or just viewed online
  • Introduction to Astronomy: The Solar System
    Lots of info including sample lectures on astronomy/physics
  • Astronomy Demonstrations
    good animation of lunar phases, movement/rotation of earth and moon
  • Interactive 3D Volcano Animation
    awesome animation of volcanoe along with notes to describe what is happening
  • Tree of Life
    Tree of Life (Tutorial)
    Phylogenetic tree examples and learning facts
  • Virtual Microscope
    Virtual Microscope (Simulation)
    Virtual Microscope with all the regular functions
  • Using M&M's to Teach the Scientific Method to Middle Schoolers
    Use for nat sci lesson plan
  • All Systems Go
    All Systems Go (Simulation)
    great for human anatomy; move different parts into the body of a buff funny talking guy
  • Teaching Science with the Yo-yo
    Science/Physics using yo yos
  • (Drill and Practice)
    Gizmos -- really good videos and activities online to conduct with kids. Some could be used to demonstrate, but it does... More
  • Adopt-An-Element
    Adopt-An-Element (Animation)
    online atom builder - problems loading