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Thermodynamics and Stat Mech Resources

This is a collection of recommended resources for teaching or learning thermodynamics and stat mech. It focuses on multimedia illustrations of thermo concepts and online textbooks and tutorials.

Collection Content

  • The Expert System for Thermodynamics (TEST)
    This extensive site includes virtual thrermo illustrations, tutorials, and thermodynamic calculators. It also includes... More
  • Statistical and Thermal Physics Curriculum Development Project
    This collection includes simulations and lecture notes suitable for upper level undergraduate or introductory graduate... More
  • Statistical Physics
    Statistical Physics (Tutorial)
    This online textbook for Statistical Mechanics uses java simulations to motivate the connection between microscopic... More
  • Statistical Mechanics Simulator
    This simulation shows distribution functions and heat capacity vs. temperature for systems with discrete quantum energy... More
  • Ideal gas transformations
    This shockwave applet illustrations on P-V or P-T diagrams the four standard thermodynamic processes (isothermal,... More
  • Ideal Gas Law Simulation
    This java simulation of an ideal gas is very flexible in the range of physical parameters that can be studied. All the... More