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Management 842 Course Collection

This collection contains modules that are useful for my MBA course Seminar in Organization Design and Change

Collection Content

  • Power Simulation (Bolman & Deal)
    This is a simulation that can be run in class to illustrate group dynamics and power issues in organizations
  • Handling Difficult Workers
    Neat simulation
  • Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence In Organizations
    I use this site in conjunction with a module in class on emotional intelligence
  • Anthony Giddens Lecture on Globalization
    A great lecture by Dr. Giddens on globalization.
  • Building Blocks for Teams
    Building Blocks for Teams (Presentation)
    This is an excellent site by Penn State that helps students to be aware of the issues and pitfalls associated with... More
  • Closer to Truth
    Closer to Truth (Presentation)
    Nice site that has interview with experts on creativity along with a video of the interview
  • 3M Meeting Network
    3M Meeting Network (Reference Material)
    This site by 3M has a wealth of material on how to run effective meetings
  • Riso Hudson Enneagram RHETI test
    Riso Hudson Enneagram RHETI test (Reference Material)
    This module on the Enneagram is used in the course early on in the semester to help students identify their type.
  • High Performance Teams
    High Performance Teams (Reference Material)
    This is a useful reference site on high performance teams that students can use
  • Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition
    This module is also used early on in the semester for helping students to appreciate differences in personalities.
  • Emotional Intelligence Development
    Emotional Intelligence Development (Drill and Practice)
    This is another useful site on EI
  • Conflict Resolution Style
    Conflict Resolution Style (Presentation)
    This module provides students a basic introduction to conflict resolution styles
  • Index of Learning Styles
    This is an excellent module to use early on in the course.
  • Using the Keirsey Temperament Sorter to Determine Communication Styles
    This is a site that I sometimes use early on in the couse
  • Today's Front Pages
    Today's Front Pages (Collection)
    I like this site because 85% of my students are international students.
  • The Johari Window
    The Johari Window (Tutorial)
    This is a classic OB that can be used early in the course
  • Stanford's Educators Corner
    Excellent site for video clips
  • Human Intelligence
    Human Intelligence (Collection)
    Excellent site on intelligence and creativity
  • (Collection)
    Excellent sustainability resources
  • Developing Leaders in Wildland Fire
    Excellent resource on developing leadership skills. Makes use of film.
  • Educators Corner
    Educators Corner (Learning Object Repository)