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What wonderful tools not only for scoring, but for giving students guidance about the elements that should be in an assignment. Students learn more when expectations are clearly stated, and faculty spend less time in grading when criteria are nicely laid out -- a win-win situation for everyone.

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  • Student Learning Outcomes: Using Scoring Rubrics
    Good review of the usefulness of rubrics -- but a real bonus is the link at the bottom of the page to examples of... More
  • RubiStar - Customizable Rubrics for Teachers
    A free tool for making rubrics online, either from scratch or from templates -- join for full use. Full use includes... More
  • Teacher Created Rubrics for Assessment
    EXCELLENT resource -- be sure to include the 4 links at the bottom of the page when reviewing this resource. This is... More
  • Rubric for Online Instruction
    Rubric for Online Instruction (Reference Material)
    Rubric information PLUS components of an online course: materials, communication, and so on. Category 4 addresses... More