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French Language

Collection of tools for help with French 201.

Collection Content

  • Logos Universal Verb Conjugator
    Logos Universal Verb Conjugator (Reference Material)
    Verb Conjugator -- for many languages!
  • Tex's French Grammar: La Grammaire de l'Absurde
    Pour pratiquer la conjugaison des verbes.
  • Le Conjugueur
    Le Conjugueur (Reference Material)
    Verb Conjugation Practice
  • Lexiquefle
    Lexiquefle (Drill and Practice)
    Basic practice exercises.
  • Connectigramme
    Connectigramme (Reference Material)
    Grammar help.
  • Le français Interactif
    Le français Interactif (Reference Material)
    They say it, you say it. I like the fact that you can play the sound for the vocabulary to get the correct French... More