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  • Projectile Motion
    Projectile Motion (Simulation)
    This applet is in Spanish but it has a nice simulation of a projectile being fired at an angle relative to the... More
  • Projectile Cannon II
    Projectile Cannon II (Simulation)
    This simultion allows one to try and strike a monkey with a cannon aimed at a certain angle above the horizontal. One... More
  • Geometric Vector Addition
    A short annimation to display the resultant of as many vectors as the user wishes to place on the screen. A good display... More
  • The Moving Man
    The Moving Man (Simulation)
    The user can place a man at any initial position (+, -, or 0) and give him any initial velocity as well as acceleration.... More
  • Projectile Motion
    Projectile Motion (Simulation)
    An excellent simulation that allows one to fire many different objects from a cannon. The graphics are exceptional. The... More
  • Physlet Physics: Kinematics
    This set of simulations will graph the position of a moving object versus time. Several qualitative and quantitative... More
  • Vector Addition
    Vector Addition (Simulation)
    A short annimation displaying the resultant of two vectors. A good display of the tip-to-tail method.
  • Resultant Vector
    Resultant Vector (Simulation)
    A short vector annimation that displays the resultant of up to five (5) vectors. A good display of the tip-to-tail... More
  • Physics Illuminations
    A collection of Java applets with accompanying text designed to help students understand concepts in introductory... More