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Multifaith - Religious Accommodation

The Ontario Multifaith Council is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization representing the wide range of faith groups in the province of Ontario, Canada.
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Course: see Multifaith Information Gateway
See also: Multifaith Hall of Fame of the 21st century

Collection Content

  • The Pluralism Project
    The Pluralism Project (Collection)
    A useful resource.
  • Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
    A portal and gateway on developing, facilitating and promoting harmony in diverse communities.
  • Dharma The Cat -- Philosophy With Fur
    An understanding of Buddhism is through its concept of Dharma, meditation, worship, and prayers.
  • Fight hate and promote tolerance
    Fight hate and promote tolerance (Reference Material)
    Religious diversity in perspective
  • Waison Center
    Waison Center (Reference Material)
    I like the following visual section: Family Village Worship Center - Useful for Developmentally disabled
  • Awesome Library
    Awesome Library (Collection)
    See: "Religious Diversity" Follow these categories to find the above section: Home > Classroom > Social Studies >... More
  • The Online Ethics Center for Engineering & Science
    Ethics, morality, values, etc., help bring a balance to the materialistic perceptions
  • Institute on Community Integration: University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities
    Integrating, adjusting and accommodating to restore normal life for all citizens is a good move