Learning Exercise

Political Risks of Market Entry

This assignment directs students to read any of a dozen current documents published by Political and Economic Risk, Consultancy Risk, LTD. regarding the political risk of entering markets in South East Asia.
Course: International Marketing; International Business

This is a commercial site that provides considerable research to companies for a fee. However, they do have a public... see more


1. Access the reports offered on the website of PERC. Select one of the reports to read regarding Hong Kong. Make sure you read through the survey information that is provided.

2. After reading this report, write a brief paper that answers the following questions:

a. What is your conclusion regarding the Hong Kong situation?

b. If you were considering an investment in Hong Kong, how comfortable would you be?

c. With what type of market entry strategy would you recommend entering the Hong Kong market?

d. What is your opinion of the quality of the information provided in this report?


Understanding of what is meant by political risk.


International Marketing;
Market Entry;
Political Risk;

Learning Objectives

1. Students will be exposed to actual documents concerning political risks in other countries.
2. Students will assess the wisdom of entering foreign markets.