Learning Exercise

Identifying Currencies of the World

This is a simple matching game in which the student identifies the country with the currency of that country. After completing the test one time, the student can repeat the exercise with a completely new set of currencies and countries. It is recommended that the students either time themselves or keep track of how many misses they had.
Course: International Marketing

This is a simple matching game in which students can test their knowledge of country currencies. The test offers several... see more


Access the webpage. You will be playing a matching game. First you click on the country name and then click on the currency for that country. If a star appears in both areas, then you have identified the correct currency. If you are wrong, nothing happens.

This is not a timed exercise, so you will have to keep track of how long it takes you to complete the game.

When you have finished the matching game, click on "Answers" to see a list of the currencies with the country.

Repeat this exercise two more times by clicking "New Game" each time. Don't forget to record your scores for the second and third games.

What did you learn from this exercise? Be prepared to discuss your experiences with this exercize in class.




International currencies

Learning Objectives

1. To learn to identify the different currencies of the world.