Learning Exercise

Year 1 Review/Year 2 Marketing Plan Presentation

This is an assignment for a 30 minute presentation during which each student team is expected to:
(1) Reflect about their year 1 (quarter 1 through 4) BRANDS(TM) results.
(2) Propose a year 2 plan.

Each team presents its plan "confidentially" -- one on one with the course instructor, apart from other teams in their industry.
Course: Intro to Marketing or other Marketing Management course

BRANDS is a multi-brand, multi-market, computer-based marketing simulation. Students make decisions as Product or Brand... see more




(1) Participated in BRANDS(tm) through Quarter 4 decisions using a preliminary Marketing Plan (see http://users.hartwick.edu/merlot/brandsp1.html).
(2) Development of pro formas for operating and divisional statements.

Learning Objectives

Students reflect about year 1 preformance against "plan," and use this understanding as a starting point to develop a year 2 marketing plan.

Students must also struggle with the task of communicating significant detailin a mere 20 to 30 minute timeframe.