Learning Exercise

Year 1 Marketing Plan Presentation for BRANDS

This is assignment guides students through the development of a preliminary marketing plan in the context of the BRANDS? simulation. I have students do this assignment with their company teams before they start making simulation decisions.
Course: Introduction to Marketing

BRANDS is a multi-brand, multi-market, computer-based marketing simulation. Students make decisions as Product or Brand... see more


Additional Information: Same as assignment.


Technical Notes

Students could prepare their presentation using Power Point or other such software.


- General understanding of marketing and structure and purpose of marketing plan.
- Marketing measurement terms and concepts (e.g., net income, market share, etc.).
- Orientation to BRANDS? simulation (they should also have a copy of their Quarter 1 report).

Learning Objectives

Students will:
- Develop a preliminary marketing plan.
- Increase familiarity with BRANDS? simulation before making first round of decisions.
- Develop common understandings with their BRANDS? team before starting their first round of decisions.

This plan presentation also provides the instructor with an opportunity to resolve any misunderstandings of simulation rules before the first decision round.