Learning Exercise

Egress Time Calculations

This is use of simple public Domain software, FPEtools, to calculate egress times

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Computer Models Laboratory – Egress Simulation
Building Construction
In this lab you will use the FPE Tools software to evaluate some egress and
tenability conditions for hypothetical situations. You will work in teams of 2

This software is public domain and can be copied freely.

You will need to keep track of your data and write a summary report for 4, 5 and
7 to be turned in __________________________.

1. The program you will need is FPE Tools. The file fpetool.exe should be in
the directory FPETOOL on the CD or available at
2. download or install the program
3. Start FPETool
4. Select ASETBX from Fireform on the menu bar and perform the calculations
based on a moderate fire in a 12 x 12 room with a 10-foot ceiling. Explain
what this shows you in terms of the tenability of the space. Hopw long does a
person have to get out of the space. Write a report of your findings.

5. Select egress time calculations. Use defaults values where shown and
consider all evacuees able for the first set of calculations.

a. Consider 250 persons in a space with and a horizontal egress distance of 145
feet. 2 door leaves. 18 feet of vertical distance 2 stairs that are 32 inches
b. Same pr oblem but use only 1 door and 1 stair
c. Same problem as a. but the stairs are now changed to be 44 inches wide
d. Same problem as a. but evacuees are not able and their speed is 50% of an
able person.
e. Same problem as a. but there are 400 persons.

6. Evaluate the parameters for the 3rd Floor of the Engineering South assuming
180 persons in room 317 for an FPS meeting. (Estimate distance based on pacing
off the distance and counting the stairs). Begin at the door to the room.
Consider the end of the exit discharge to be the sidewalk bike lane/sidewalk in
the mall between Engineering South and the Advanced Technology Research Center

7. Time the length of time it takes a member ofyour group to walk briskly from
the door of 317 to the sidewalk area. Compare the timed result with your
calculations in the computer program (6).

Write a report (1 report per group) on your findings.

Technical Notes

DOS based, public domain software is available from NIST (www.nist.gov) Building and Fire Research Laboratory. The assignment Word document is at the OSU URL


Basic Computer Skills
Understanding of Fire Growth


Egress Time
Tenability of Space
Survivable Time

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Evaluate Egress Time
Understand Time of Survivability in a fire