Learning Exercise

Everything I needed to know about history I learned at a fashion show

Ideas for using the Braun and Scheider site for social studies theater games
Course: SEED 415

A vast range of neatly arranged thumbnails linked to 100k graphics, in colour, from the mid-19th Century handbook of... see more



Project or have all students log on to the same costume image on the Braun and Scheider site. Ask each student to say something different about the costumes, telling them to concentrate on the picture, not on anything going on around them. (Remind them of Dr. Art's guaranteed, never fail preventative for stage fright: concentrate fully on what's happening on stage and ignore the audience completely.


Play as in the concentration exercise above, but this time asking students to speculate on what what kind of person might wear such clothing or what the clothing style says about the economy, practices, values, and beliefs, of the society that produced it


Theater games, historical archaeology

Learning Objectives

Students will gain experience as historical archaeologists/detectives. By concentrating closely on costume images and using their imaginations, students will see how carefully examining historical artifcacts sheds light on the economy, values, and beliefs of whatever people they are studying.