Learning Exercise

Enlightenment Review Theater Games

Theater games for reviewing key Enlightenment ideas. Designed by social studies methods student Chris Pirlet for the AP European history class at Aberdeen Central High School.
Course: AP European History

Chapter VI starts on page 98 Step-by-step instructions for teaching basic theater game techniques and for using theater... see more


1. Intruduce theater games and theater game essentials (position, imagination, and CONFLICT, CONFLICT, CONFLICT).

2. Divide into groups of four, and work on skits with the following "begin line":

a. This is the best of all possible worlds (Voltaire)

b. We are all natural men (Rousseau).

Skits must have characters in conflict and a strong PHYSICAL representation of the conflict. Make sure to KEEP SKITS CLEAN. This is school, not televsion. If skits are not clean--BUZZ--turn is lost.

3. Divide into groups of four to create skits concluding with the following endlines:

a. I do not agree with a word you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it (Voltaire)

b. "O Liberty, what crimes are commited in your name?" (Madame Roland)

4. Divide into groups of four and develop complete skits around one of the following enlightenment themes:

a. Education as the answer to all things

b. Civil liberties

c. Alliances

d. Execution of Louis XVI


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