Learning Exercise

Social Studies Game/Activity

Practice in using a variety of supplemental activities (contests, art projects, video productions, etc.) to reinforce learning.
Course: SEED 415

A web log featuring a variety of contests, games, and activities designed to review and reinforce social studies... see more


Prepare a learning game/activity for both on-line and in-class presentation. You will be graded both on how effective the game/activity is in maintaining student interest and on how effective the activity is in teaching/reinforcing important social science information and ideas. See my "Gluing students to Their Seats" blog (http://socialstudiesgames.blogspot.com) and the online games link on my Web site (www.northern.edu/games.htm) for examples. Keep a "hard copy" for your portfolio.

If you have a question/answer type game, BE SURE to include a databank of questions in a particular social studies area.

Publish your game online and include a link to the game on your homepage.


Social studies games and activities

Learning Objectives

Concentration on Northern State University School of Education Knowlege Base 4, Outcomes 1 and 2 (Planning, Implementation).

1. Planning

Develops daily and long-range plans; states objectives in terms of learner outcomes; provides for motivation (ex. anticipatory set); organizes and sets the stage for learning.

2. Implementation

Relates lesson to prior knowledge; teaches to an objective; shows examples and models appropriately; uses a variety of methods and techniques; includes active participation when possible; allows for individual and group practice; provides opportunities for inquiry; employs both cooperative and individual learning experiences; enhances problem-solving skills; provides opportunities for students to construct new knowledge of their world.