Learning Exercise

Jeopardy Review on the Enlightenment

Review game used before an assessment on the Enlightenment.
Course: Advanced Placement European History

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Enlightenment Review Jeopardy


100--- Define Enlightenment
Age of reason (1700-1789 intellectual movement)

200--- What is the French Term for “hands-off” regarding economic policies?
Laissey faire

300--- A group of thinkers in the early 1700’s who believed in reason, liberty,
natural law, progress, and human happiness were called

400--- A defensive strategy in which weak countries join together to match or
exceed the power of a stronger country
Balance of power

500--- A naturalistic belief that acknowledged God as the creator of the
universe is called


100--- An autocratic ruler who exercises absolute power is called a

200--- Group of men of the Enlightenment who met secretly in lodges

300--- Rooms in homes for entertaining people and sharing new ideas, hosted by

400--- The idea that rulers receive their authority from God and are answerable
only to God
Divine right

500--- An economic theory under which a country increases its wealth by
e xporting more goods than its imports


100--- Who was leader of Austria from 1740-1780?
Maria Theresa

200--- Who was leader of Russia from 1762-1796?
Catherine the Great

Daily Double
300--- In order to watch over the whole structure of his enlightened reform,
Joseph II created a
Secret police

400--- Name one accomplishment of Fredrick the Great during the Enlightenment
Elementary education, religion

500--- What was the name of King George III’s advisors who attempted to control
“King’s Friends”


100--- What philosophe is noted for writing about separation of powers?
“The Spirit of Laws”- Montesquieu

200--- Who is noted for the Encyclopedia?
Denis Diderot

300--- Who wrote the Social Contract?

400--- Economic advisors during the Enlightenment where called

500--- Who wrote the Wealth of Nations?
Adam Smith


100--- What is the movement ortime period directly before the Enlightenment?
Scientific Revolution

200--- Music during the Enlightenment can be described as
Complex compositions/chamber music

300--- What brings the Enlightenment to an end?

Daily Double
400--- In the 18th century, what aspect of British political life caused the
most public criticism?
Representation in Parliament

500--- Who founded a peasant uprising in Russia in 1773 and was later drawn and

Final Jeopardy Question/Essay

Why did enlightened despotism fail in France?

Technical Notes

THe Jeopardy game may be used in a team or individual format. I divide the class into two teams, and have one student from each team have a face-off. If neither student knows the answer they may seek help from their team members. I usually include two daily doubles and one final jeopardy question.


Prior study of Chapter 18 on the Enlightenment from THE WESTERN HERITAGE text, Kagan


The Enlightenment

Learning Objectives

Review terminology, people, and miscellaneous facts from the Enlightenment as a review for the exam.