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Enlightenment Salon

Enlightenment Salon of the Eighteenth Century
Course: Advanced Placement European History

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Lesson Plan – Enlightenment Salon
AP European History – Grades 11-12
Barb Gehrts

Stage One: Desired Results

Established Goal: Students will be able to research and analyze the importance
of the Enlightenment in Eighteenth-Century Thought

Understandings: Students will understand the….
1. intellectual and social background of the Enlightenment
2. philosophes of the Enlightenment and their agenda for political and
intellectual reform

Essential Questions:
1. Do reform movements in different time periods have different outcomes?
2. How can social, political, and economic factors influence change?

Stage Two: Assessment Evidence

Performance Tasks:
1. Students will play the role of an Enlightenment personality at the salon.
Students will follow the guidelines provided to research and present their
personality. Each person will give an oral presentation depicting their role in
the Enlightenment.
2. Primary source documents must be used in this research. Include a
bibliography of a minimum of five sources.
3. Research costumes of the time period and use props and costumes for the
4. Students are encouraged to sign up and bring appropriate cuisine of the
eighteenth century for the Enlightenment Salon.
5. Students will complete a reflection/evaluation of the Enlightenment Salon.

Other Evidence:
1. Read Chapter 18 in textbook
2. Discussion/lecture
3. Jeopardy review game
4. Test on the Enlightenment

Enlightenment Salon

Include the following information in your Enlightenment Salon presentation:

1. Basic biographical information
2. Major contributions to the Enlightenment
3. Most important impacts/influences they had on the period
4. Special interests you want to add to the presentation
5. Primary source material from your philosophe/despot, etc.
6. Props, costumes, foods, etc.
7. Bibliography

Please try to interact with the other personalities at the salon. The following
is a list of who will be at the salon:

Frederick the Great
Catherine the Great
Maria Theresa
Mary Wollstonecraft
Adam Smith
Mme. De Pompadour
Marie Therese Geoffrin
Joseph II
Francois Quesnay
Baruch Spinoza
Moses Mendelsohn

Enlightenment Salon
Reflection/Evaluation Name __________________

1. What did you learn from the Enlightenment Salon?

2. What did you like the most about the Enlightenment Salon? What did you

3. How successful do you think your depiction of your Enlightenment personality
was portrayed?

4. What would be some suggestions to improve the salon?


Prior study of Chapter 18 "The Age of Enlightenment: Eighteenth Century Thought" from text THE WESTERN HERITGAGE, Kagan

Learning Objectives

Listed in lesson plan