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Adaptation of the "History News" game on the Gluing Students to Their Seats" site.
Course: History 413

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Suppose that, in addition to all the other evils of their society, the people of
Judah had added television. Put together a television news show or documentary
that features the prophet Isaiah and/or his teaching.

Focus on both the good news and bad news in Isaiah’s message. You may include
news, sports, weather, commercials, interviews, etc.


· Has to criticize people’s religious ceremonies (1:11-15). God hates their
· Sees mistreatment of poor (1:16-18)--has to tell people what true religion is!
We’d much rather have the ceremonies!
· Sees justice turned to injustice (end of Chapter 1)
· Message supposed to be for all nations, not just Jews (2:1-3)
· Contrast between material prosperity and religious harlotry (2:7-8)
· Children are their oppressors and women rule over them (3:12)
· Ingratitude (Chapter 5--my beloved’s vineyard)
· Woe to those that call evil good, and good evil
· Vision itself (Chapter 6) Woe is me, I am a man of unclean lips. And note--he
is told people won’t listen--that their hearts are going to be hard.


· Isaiah 40 (Comfort ye my people/vs. 31, They that wait upon the Lord).
· Isaiah 42 (Behold my servant...bring forth judgment to gentiles).
· Isaiah 45 (Cyrus, God's anointed)
· Isaiah 51: 11 "Therefore the redeemed..."
· Isaiah 52:15 God's servant marred...
· Isaiah 53: suffering servant
· Isaiah 55: Ho every one that thirsteth..
· Isaiah 59: 15, no intercessor: so Lord himself intervenes
· Isaiah 60: Arise, shine for the light is come..."
· Isaiah 61: "Spirit of the Lord is upon me..."
· Isaiah 65:17/66:22-24 "New heavens and new earth."


Isaiah, history of Israel

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to pick out both the "burdens" in Isaiah's message and the things that make that burden worth bearing.