Learning Exercise

African Music, Instruments, and Dance.

African Musica and Dance offers insightful information about the culture and music of the Ewe people of Ghana, Togo, and Benin. The site offers both photo and video clips.
Course: African History/World Civilization

This site is maintained by C. K. Ladzekpo at UC Berkeley. It includes valuable information about the culture and music... see more


This assignment uses two websites: "African Music and Dance" and "West African

Answer the following questions based on the website "African Music and Dance:"

1. Why is African Drumming important to Ghanian culture?
2. Where do the Anlo-Ewe people live?
3. Describe the history and political organization of the Anlo-Ewe people.
4. How did Drumming begin?
5. What does Drumming reveal about African religion, the African military, and
African social institutions?
6. What kind of drums are used?
7. What Rhythmic Principles are used?
8. Briefly describe the Sub-Saharan Dance Drum Culture.

Based on the website "West African Instruments" answer the following questions:

1. Briefly describe each of the following instruments:
a. Kora
b. I-String
c. Nigerian String
d. Nose Flute
e. Mbira
f. Small Gourd
g. Large Gourd
h. Talking Drum
2. What kind of sounds do these instruments create?
3. How are these instruments different from what would be found in the west?
4. When would these instruments be played?
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African Culture
African Music
African Dance
African Musical Instruments

Learning Objectives

To acquaint students with the importance of music and dance in the culture of West Africa.
To acquaint students with specific instruments, music and dance forms.