Learning Exercise

How Different are Plants and Animals at the Cellular Level.

Students will compare the inside of an animal cell to a plant cell and find out just how different or similar we are to plants.
Course: Biology

Interactive introduction to cell biology. This website can be use by students for tutorial on the different types of... see more


1. Students will draw what they think a plant and an animal cell looks like.

2. Students will also make inference and draw what the inside of the cells look
like. Name each structure or organelle they draw for their cell. For
example, will the cell have a heart or a stomach etc...

3. Provide students with a copy of the cells and have them log on to this

4. Students will draw, label, and give a brief discription for each structure
and organelles inside the cells.

5. Have students compare their two drawings of the cells and figure out how
they are different? What structure or organelles that a plant cell have or lack
that an animal cell does not have?

6. Discuss with students what it would be like if animal cells have
chloroplasts and a cell wall.

7. Extension assignment: Have students make analogies for the cell organelles
and structure to the infrastructures of a city. Like for example: the nucleus
maybe thought of as the city hall/mayor of a city, mitochrondria as a power
plant and the endoplasmic recticulum can be the roads and highways etc..



Prior knowledge that there are different types of cells and that cells are the basic building units of all organisms. Students also have to know the terms unicellular and multicellular organisms.


Eukaryotic Cells

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Students will learn the difference and the similarities between a plant and an animal cell.