Learning Exercise

Social Psychology Research Methods

This site allows students to read about the five methods of doing social psychology research, provides interesting examples of each method, gives students the opportunity to test their knowlege on a practice test and post test. The examples used are ones that will keep students interested at the same time they are learning and testing their knowledge.
Course: Introductory Social Psychology or Introductory Psychology

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Follow the link to the web site below. Read the text material describing the five methods of doing psychological research and accompanying examples. Take the practice test to test your acquistion of the knowledge and then test yourself on the Post-Test. The web site requires Macromedia Shockwave and will allow you to download that program, if your computer does not have it installed. The class test on the introductory material from the text may include examples found at this website.

Technical Notes

The student must have access to a computer with capacity appropriate for taking an online class. The site requires Macromedia Shockwave and provides the ability to download the program at the site.


Students need to meet the institutions requirements for introductory level academic classes and online classes. Generally students need to have acquired basic English language reading and skills at the college level and need to have access to a computer which has Macromedia Shockwave capability.


-Experimental - Effects of Post-Event Information on Memory
-Correlational - Risk Factors for Substance Abuse
-Naturalistic Observation - Sex Differences in Children's Risk Taking Behavior
-Survey - Frequency of Sexual Dysfunction in "Normal" Couples
-Case Study - The Lost Mariner

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Understanding how psychological knowledge is acquired is sometimes challenging for students. Textbooks cover it in a cursory fashion. This web site facilitates thoughtful consideration of the different methods, give interesting research results and scenarios and provides practice, with feedback, showing the student how well they have acquired the knowledge.