Learning Exercise

Chateau Versailles

A tour of Versailles Palace, its gardens, fountains, and interiors, and the Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon, and Le Petit Hameau. Details about court life and the important people shaping Versailles and Court Life is presented.
Course: Western Civilization

The official web site for the Chateau of Versailles offers information about the history of Versailles in addition to... see more


The home page for Chateau Versailles offers a language selection. Click English. When the home page for Chateau Versailles comes on the screen, a chart will be displayed. This exercise is concerned only with the items titled "Discovering the Places," "Meeting the People," Past and Present Life," and "A Look at Some Masterpieces."

Click: "Discovering the Places." A map will come on screen. There are five reading selections for the "Chateau," three for the "Trianon," four for "Le Parc," and three for "En Ville." Read all the selections and take notes on each one.

Click: "People." Read the selections on Louis XIV, Mme de Pompadour, and Absolute Monarch. Take notes on each selection.

Click: "Past and Present Life." Read and take notes on the five selections under "Life at the Court" and the three selections for "Ancedotes."

Click: "Masterpieces." Take detailed notes on each ite listed under paintings, sculptures, furniture, instruments, decor, and collections.

Write a 6 to 8 page paper detailing how Chateau Versailles symbolizes the power and personality of Louis XIV, absolute monarchy, and the French culture.


Technical Notes



Some knowledge about French History


17th Century
Louis XIV

Learning Objectives

To acquaint students with more details about the development of French culture which would influence the rest of Europe.
To acquaint students with a better understanding of court life at Versailles.
To acquaint students with the basic concepts of absolute monarchy and the personality of Louis XIV.