Learning Exercise

The Work Ethic Site

What is the work ethic? Where does it come from? Do I have it? This assignment asks students to address these questions using assignments on the Work Ethic Site. Students get the opportunity to take a test which rates the student's work ethic.
Course: Intro sociology

This web site provides a central resource for materials related to work ethic, affective work competencies, and... see more


What is the "work ethic"? When did it arise? Do you have it? Is it important
today? This assignment is intended to help you think about these issues. Go to
the website above.

First, find a definition for the work ethic. Next, go to the history section
and read sections 1, 4, and 6. Then answer the following questions in a short
one paragraph essay: When did the work ethic originate? Why didn't it exist
before? What is its relationship to Protestantism?

Next: Go to the OWEI inventory and take the test in order to see how your work
ethic rates. How do you come out? What did you think of the test?


Some knowledge of sociological perspectives



Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Understanding the nature of the work ethic, its significance, and its relationship to the individual.