Learning Exercise

International Etiquette Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to promote awareness of cultural differences by having students compare and contrast the business professional etiquette expected when conducting business abroad.
Course: Dynamics of Professional Success

This site has links to articles regarding cultural issues in a number of different countries. Topics include... see more



1. Investigate the business professional etiquette of another country by
accessing the ExecutivePlanet.com web site

2. Using complete sentences, compose 5 etiquette tips unique to the selected
country. Paraphrase information. Do NOT copy text word for word from the web
site. The tips you select to share must be ones that are related to topics
covered during the semester in BUS 220. Explain how the practices are both
similar and different to those used in the United States.

3. Use the Discussion Board to post your etiquette tips. Click on the
"International Etiquette Tips" topic to add your findings to the forum. For
your subject, use your name followed by the country selected (Example: Moncada's
Italy etiquette tips).

4. List and number each tip, single-spacing each tip and double-spacing between
tips. This handout is an example of the numerical listing format to be used.

5. No two students may select the same country.

6. An example of a posting for Italy has been provided on the Discussion Board.

7. Also upload a file containing your response using the drop box so that a
grade for you in WebCt.

Technical Notes

Internet access, discussion board access, browser, word processor.


Basic word processing and discussion board usage.


This assignment was designed for use in a one credit hour Dynamics of Professional Success course all business majors are required to complete. Some of the topics covered in the class include: meeting and greeting, networking, professional presence, dining etiquette, and office courtesies. These topics are addressed based on United States values. Toward the end of the semester, these same topics are considered from an international perspective.

Learning Objectives

As a result of completing this assignment students will develop an awareness of the different professional etiquette expected with respect to meeting and greeting, conversation, professional dress, and dining manners when conducting business in another country by comparing and contrasting practices to those found in the United States.