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Allow students to prepare for classroom instruction by providing Prerequisite lessons they are able to study on their own time.
Course: EMR

This paper provides basic background information about behaviorism, cognitivism and constructivism and a discussion of... see more


Step by step instruction of screen shots that may be used on a day to day basis in an office.



Technical Notes

Content Builder Description: Material: Instructional Design and Learning Theory Rating: Classroom Use: Not used in classroom Submitted by: Stacie Fruster (Student), Oct 07, 2013 Comment: I love the explanation of Blooms Cognitive Theory because knowledge, comprehension along with analysis skills will help when trying to complete elearnings. Keller's Plan, however, ties into the individuality one would need to complete the prerequisited plans I would lay out for each of my learners. Technical Remarks: Technically, I would need to provide a more modern approach in how I would teach a class. Time spent reviewing site: 2 days


knowledge of Windows software Obtain user id and password


Introduction to EMR

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Receive basic understanding of what EMR is and it's functionality