Learning Exercise

Introductory Special Education Jeopardy PPT

I use the given PPT as a review exercise in an Introductory Course in Special Education. The students are assigned to read given beginning chapters in a text on special education. I then use this given PPT as a review activity. The class is divided into three groups for discussion and responding. The "game" follows the format of "Jeopardy", but the class is divided into groups for responding and upon getting a correct answer, the choice of categories goes to the next group.
Course: Introductory Special Education

This is a PowerPoint Jeopardy Game that can be used as a review of key topics and ideas, in an introductory course on... see more


This works well if you are able to present it as a Jeopardy Game and allow the students to work together in small groups.



Students have to have basic information about special education topics, inclusion, IDEA and various laws relating to special education.


Introductory Special Education topics such as: students, IDEA, laws, early leaders

Learning Objectives

To review basic information about special education topics