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XP Math -Arcade Games

Each arcade game lists the Common Core Dtandards that it satisfies when played. Students select difficulty level for equations to solve (easy, normal, hard, or very hard). Score card keeps track of games played by individuals and lists their best time and score received for each game played.
Course: Basic Math

XP Math features free educational math games for grades 5-9 designed to integrate Common Core State Standards in Math. see more


Each Arcade Game is designed to list a brief description of the State Common Core Text in what (section, article, number) requirements it satifies).Each State Board of Education lists these requirements. For State comparisons goto:
Additional Information: http://ed.gov



Intoduction to Basic Math. Math Arcade Games reinforce skills learned in a basic math course, such as addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.


Number Operations, Alegebra, Geometry, Measurement (Metric System), Data Analysis and Probability.

Learning Objectives

Mastery of Basic Math skills and number operations. Each game is designed to reinforce learning objectives within the Common Core Standard for Elementary School Mathematics in Basic Math and pre-Algebra.


Each game has four levels of difficulty in problems solved. A student can start with easy equations to solve and build towards solving harder equations. Score Card feature records time and scores received and what areas are mastered.