Learning Exercise

Ancient Civilization

This project is for grade high school students grage 9-10.Each student will use a digital camera to create a photo album that represent the legacy of an absolute ruler.Each student will include a map and 4 photos as well as a biogrophy of the ruler. Students will write a discription of each photo presented. The pictures should include objects that symbolyse the importance of the monarch. The students should list a glossery of terms that they learned during working on the project. Each student will present his project and show his/her talent.
Course: ESL/Social Studies

Lesson plans to assist students creating their own projects in different subject areas such as: Art, Business, Language... see more



Know how to use a digital camera.


Global History

Learning Objectives

Understand history, promote literacy and writing skills.The project allows all students to succeed regardless of their academic level.


Students will answer comprehension questions.