Learning Exercise

The Boston Massacre Trial

The events of the Boston Massacre contributed to break by the colonies from Great Britain. The Boston Massacre Trial presents the details of an historical event usually perceived from emotion rather than fact.
Course: United States History

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Instructions: CLICK "go to material." SCROLL to the bottome of the page. CLICK "famous trials." CLICK "Boston Massacre Trial." READ "The Boston Massacre Trials: An Account" by Douglas Linder. Answer the following questions: 1. Who were the key figures involved in the trial?, 2. Describe the events leading to the Massacre, 3. Summarize the soldier's testimony, 4. What was John Adams' position?, 5. What did the Anonymous Account say?, 6. How does the Anonymous Account compare with other accounts of the Boston Massacre?, 7. What was the position of Captain Preston and other eyewitnesses?, 8. What did the indictment say?, 9. What was the verdict?, 10. Was the trial far? Explain.

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The American Revolution; Boston Massacre; United States History.

Learning Objectives

To present an accurate account of the events known as the Boston Massacre.