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The Reform Act of 1832

The Reform Act of 1832 opened the British political system to reform and probably saved Great Britain from the revolutions that swept Europe in the period from 1815-1850. This assignment focuses on that law.
Course: Western Civilization

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Once the website "The Victorian Web" comes up, CLICK "Political History." Scroll down to the left side of the page. Under Reform Acts read the following: Reform Acts: An Introduction, The Reform Act Crisis, Terms of the 1832 Reform Act, and How did the Tories Recover after the 1832 Reform Act. Write a 4-5 page paper that 1)Describes British politics before 1832, 2) explains the circumstances that caused the Whig party to author the 1832 Reform Act, 3) the terms of the 1832 Reform Act, 4) the Tory response, and 5) how the Reform Act of 1832 kept Britain from revoultion.

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Western Civilization; British History.

Learning Objectives

To acquaint students with a major piece of British Legislation that began the transformation of the political system.