Learning Exercise

Lesson About Using Spell Check and Grammar Check

This assignment explains how to use a spelling and grammar check.
Course: Computer Fundamentals

Too often, business students feel that running the "Spelling and Grammar check" feature on Microsoft Word is sufficient... see more


Creative Writing Project After completing the lesson on spelling check and grammar check, students will create their own Microsoft Word document. Students will create an alphabet listing about something meaningful to them. Type the first letter of each section in bold and a larger font and then type the sentence or phrase that goes with it. This is a basic word processing activity that allows students to be creative. Naturally, students will be expected to run spell and grammar check in addition to proofreading their work.


Technical Notes

Author Rachel Foster


Word Processors I: Entering and Editing Text, Spellcheck and Grammar Check

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Use spell check and grammar check to proofread a document. Use the keyboard (including delete, backspace, insert keys) to enter and edit text in a word processor.