Learning Exercise

Riemann Sums

Students will use a specific JCM applet and their knowledge of Riemann Sums to determine area underneath a curve. They will use Left Endpoint, Midpoint, and Right Endpoint methods.
Course: Calculus

This applet explores Riemann sums including left endpoint, right endpoint, midpoint, inscribed rectangle, circumscribed... see more


Students will be shown the JCM Applet and how to use it. There will be a couple examples completed with the class. (10 minutes) Each student will be given a worksheet with multiple examples that correspond with the applet. They will complete the worksheet in class and/or for homework, depending on time.

Technical Notes

Each student needs access to a computer. If there are not enough computers per student then students may work in groups.


Pre-Calculus, knowledge of graphing, basic knowledge of Reimann Sums


Calculus: Riemann Sum

Type of Task

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to correctly determine the area under a curve (on a graph of a function) using Riemann Sums and the JCM Applet available on http://www.calvin.edu/~rpruim/courses/m161/F01/java/RiemannSums.shtml


Students will hand in the in-class worksheet for a grade. They will also write a summary about their experiences with the applet.