Learning Exercise

Choreographing Your Dance

This assignment will help you on a basic level understand how to put steps together to make a dance work. You are to read the chapter #2 in our text and correlate the meanings of the dance elements in your dance.
Course: Dance Appreciation

The Dancing Paul Site will let you learn to dance the way you want. This interactive website shows some unique styles of... see more


Go to the website:The Dancing Paul Site Experiment with the website to find what options are available. Consider if you want a specific theme, or if you want to make a dance for movements sake and how you would put them together. (10pts-2 for each element of dance)Click on the appropriate buttons to make the dancer Paul dance as you wish. Use the additional buttons to add the scene and music you desire. Name your dance work. Copy the dance and email it as an attachment to the class. 10pts 2 for each element of dance)In the body of the email cite the name you have chosen for your dance and explain why you chose it. Describe your purpose, your dancer, your choice of scene, and music. Finally, describe the movement your dancer is doing.10pts)View and respond to one other classmate with your reaction to their dance. This project is due a week from today and is worth a total of 30pts




Computer skills needed to access shareware


Definitions of the five Elements of dance,purpose, dancer, time, space, and energy and relation to the overall concept of the idea you wish to communicate.

Learning Objectives

To understand on a basic level how to choreograph a dance. To be able to identify how the elements of dance may relate to each other.


The assignment will be assessed by the demonstration of the understanding of the usage of the elements of dance