Learning Exercise

Voice Character Description

Using the Voice Recipe as a model, first record your own voice in active conversation. Isolate the descriptions that best match your voice in each category. Then write a voice recipe for yourself. Have fun, use the terminology and try a bit of wit too. Make it a cookbook recipe that describes the way you speak and your personality of voice.

The Voice Recipe Online is designed for use in acting, voice and speech classrooms. The Voice Recipe is a method for... see more


You are logged into the Voice Recipe website. Follow the site instructions. Once you feel confident in your ability to recognize the 9 ingredients used in this voice recipe check your skills. Play the celebrity voice recipe game. 2nd session record yourself in conversation. Try to hear your real voice, and if you want to to record a monologue. Using the samples from the web as a model, describe your voice usage in these 9 categories. With these recipe ingredients, add a bit of fun and tell us what you are cooking. If you were a food what would you be. As you write the recipe capture the flavor of the kind of food. Are you pudding? tiramasu? squash casserole? a sloe gin fizz? a caramel apple? You will read your recipe to the class, play your recording and submit the written and the recording.



Technical Notes

In an advanced class the same could be done for another class member. And for a character voice


Beginning voice exercise, early in the first semester of training. Ability to listen and observe, and then to apply critically to self.


Describing the Voice

Learning Objectives

Gaining command of this terminology, applying it, and assessing oneself.