Learning Exercise

Matching Technology with Research Processes

This activity explains the appropriate use of technology during a research project, and guides learning in technology choice.


This series of online tutorials includes videos that address ICT: information formats, findings and using information,... see more


Each step in the research process can make good -- or ineffective -- use of technology. This video helps you determine how to choose technology wisely.

1. Go to https://www.lib.jmu.edu/mretoolkit/, then click on the Information Technologies video.

2. Watch the video, keeping in mind your chosen research topic.

3. Create a three-column table with the following headings: Research step, effective technologies , ineffective technologies.

4. For each research step (Gathering original data, locating existing resources, representing knowledge, communicating knowledge), identify effective and ineffecive technologies, and state the basis for your determination.

5. Highlight your chosen technologies for each step.

6. For one step, incorporate the technology, and submit that work.

Technical Notes

Internet connectivity, word processing application, technology appropriate to the task


Table of technology options throughout the research process

Sample technology product


ICT literacy, information literacy, digital literacy, research skills

Learning Objectives

Identify effective and ineffective uses of technology throughout the research process.

Produce an effective technology-based research product.


Table criteria: appropriate and well-articulated choices and justifications of technologies

Technology product: appropriateness and effectiveness of technology use; quality of content, optimization of the format's features