Learning Exercise

The Many Faces of Censorship

This activityaddresses several aspects of censorship for learners to explore and compare.


The organizational website of the National Coalition Against Censorship. The site includes a blog, analysis of... see more


Censorship is alive and well, and encompasses several issues. You will be examining these issues, and making recommendations about ways to address censorship efforts. A class table will structure the findings, and facilitate comparisons.

1. In pairs, at http://ncac.org/, choose one issue. 

2. Each person reads one resource from the website (note also the key resources) about this issue. Together, identify the kind of censorship actions taken, the reasons for censoring, consequences of censorship, and ways to combat censorship for that issue.

3. On a class table or spreadsheet, input the information identified. Cite sources read.

4. In a written essay, each pair compares two issues relative to each aspect listed in step 2.

5. The class together discusses the universal and issue-specific aspects of censorship.  

Technical Notes

Internet connectivity.

Instructor makes an online table or spreadsheet with the following headings:

Issue,  Readings citation, Bases for censorship, Censorship efforts, Censorship consequences, Ways to deal with censorsip


Table of issue-specific factors

Comparison essay

Class participation in censorship discussion




ICT literacy, information literacy, censorship, freedom of expression, academic freedom

Learning Objectives

Explain censorship issues and consequences.

Makes recommendations about ways to deal with censorship.


Table information criteria: accuracy, clarity and thoroughness of findings/input

Essay criteria: acuracy, clarity, thoroughness and basis of comparison

Participation criteria: clarify and insightfulness of contribution