Learning Exercise

Preventing Accidental Plagiarism

This activity helps learners identify and prevent plagiarism.


Interactive tutorial on plagiarism see more


You may have committed plagiarism, and not even known that you did so. You will be learning what sources to cite, and how to cite them, so you can avoid accidentally plagiarizing.

1. Go to http://www.library.arizona.edu/tutorials/accidental_plagiarism/.

2. Take a pre-test: "Test me." Jot down how you did.

3. Do the the "What to cite" module.

4. Do the "How to cite" module.

5. Locate an article. Provide the complete citation for the article.

6. Exactly copy 1-2 significant paragraphs of the article.

7. Paraphrase the chosen excerpt in your own words.

8. Pararaphrase the chosen excerpt in your own words, but this time, include a quotation, and cite it correctly.

9. Submit one document that includes the article citation and steps 6-8.

Technical Notes

Internet connectivity


one document with the following elements: article citation, verbatim excerpt, paraphrase of the excerpt, paraphrase with quotation of the excerpt


plagiarism, ICT literacy, information literacy, research skills, writing skills

Learning Objectives

Explain accidental plagiarism.

Explain how to prevent accidental plagiarism.

Paraphrase with and without quotations, using appropriate citation method.


Accurate, non-plagiarized paraphrasing with and without quotations

Correct and complete article citation