Learning Exercise

Searching for Health Information

This exercise helps learners develop a systematic, strategic research plan. The focus is health information, but the process applies to several subject domains.


This online tutorial consists of 4 modules that teaches one how to conduct a test search strategy; the context is health... see more


When conducting an in-depth research project, one should develop a systematic and searching strategy. Using this SmartSearching tutorial, develop a bibliography of 25 relevant information sources for a defined research topic.

1. Choose a research topic. Jot down possible research questions, information that you want to know, and your initial plan of action for finding the information.

2. Do the Smart Searching model. Jot down notes as appropriate, and take the quiz fro each module. Use your research topic as a "lens" for gaining information from the tutorial.

3. With the module as a reference guide, develop a list of 25 relevant information source for your research project. Write up your process according to the tutorial steps: 1. Subject experts, 2. Sample set, 3. Term identification, 4. Testing. For each source selected, note the basis for the selection. 

4. Summarize your process, and compare it with your initial thoughts. State the implications of your process and results.


Technical Notes

Internet connectivity


List of 25 relevant information resources for a chosen research topic project, noting the basis for each chosen resource

Research process essay that includes: initial ideas and strategies, 4-step process narrative, and synthesis/implications of searching process


ICT literacy, information literacy, researcg skills, information seeking skills

Learning Objectives

Develop a research search strategy

Evaluate and select relevant information resources on a specified research topic

Explain a search process


25 resources list criteria: relevance of each resource, quality of justification for selecting each resource

Process essay criteria: alignment with Smart Searching steps; clarity, feasibiity and thoroughness of information for each step; clarity, feasibiity and thoroughness of synthesis and self-reflection