Learning Exercise

Intellectual Freedom Issues

This learning activity introduces students to several intellectual freedom issues, and has them develop case scenarios to address these issues.


The Office for Intellectual Freedom is charged with implementing ALA policies concerning the concept of intellectual... see more


Intellectual freedom involves several significant issues.

1. Going to http://www.ala.org/offices/oif, select one intellectual freedom issue.

2. After reading the material, create a scenario that concretely describes an intellectual freedom issue. Post the scenario on the course discussion board.

3. Read a peer's scenario, and respond/reply to it on the discussion board. The response should identify the intellectual freedom issue, explain the underlying problem and possible consequences, and recommend action to address the issue. Cite at least two supporting resources (to back your stance) from http://www.ala.org/offices/oif.

Technical Notes

Internet connectivity


1. Written case study scenario of an intellectual freedom issue

2. Written analysis and recommendations of a peer's intellectual freedom issue scenario.


ICT literacy, intellectual freedom

Learning Objectives

1. Explain intellectual freedom issues.

2. Analyze intellectual freedom issues.

3. Make recommendations to address intellectual freedom issues.


Scenario: clear scenario with enough accurate facts to identify the intellectual freedom issue, and for respondent to address and make recommendations

Analysis: clear, thorough, logical, evidence-based identification of the intellectual freedom issue; valid, well-justified recommendations to address the intellectual freedom issue (at least 2 resources to back the case should be cited)