Learning Exercise

Improving School Library Programs

The 2015 IFLA school library guidelines offer a way to assess school libraries. The data gathered can guide program improvements.

In this learning exercise, students identify a local school library, and survey it in light of the guidelines. Then they can recommend 1-2 needs for improvement, and 1-2 strategies to facilitate those improvements. Those strategies should be determined: through research.


These guidelines constitute the second edition of the IFLA ‘School Library Guidelines’. The first edition of the school... see more


1. Identify a school library.

2. Assess its program in light of the IFLA school library guidelines. Use observation, interviews, focus groups and surveys to gather data.

3. Identify 1-2 areas for improvement. CHeck with the library staff for verification or different perspective.

4. Research those areas using professional library literature (2-3 articles for each area), identifying possible strategies for improvement.

5. WRite up the report, including findings, data analysis, and recommendations.

Technical Notes

Word process the report, and create and insert at least one graph to represent data (using a spreadsheet).


Word process a 5-7 page (double-spaced) report assessing a school library. Include the data collection process, findings (including 1 graph), 1-2 areas of improvement based on the findings, and 1-2 strategies for improvement (backed by research articles).


School library programs: elements for success

Learning Objectives

1. Assess a school library program using the IFLA guidelines.

2. Identify relevant data collection instruments.

3. Collect and analyze data accurately and thoroughly.

4. Make recommendations for school improvement based on research and data analysis.


The report will be assessed in terms of:

the quality and quantity of the data gathered,

the insightfulness of the data analysis, 

the appropriateness and feasibility of the recommendations,

quality of the research used to substantiate the recommended strategies for improvement.