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Description Great teaching can happen anywhere, but teaching online requires different skills, strategies and tools than... see more

Three books every online course designer should have on their shelves.

Four authors of books about online course development offer guidelines for engaging learners in distance education... see more

This video clearly demonstrates the difference having internet access at home makes for students.

This video explains the theories and principles of assessment and shares some of the most common models.

This site helps explain the CLEP program and how to get credit for what you already know. College credit for prior... see more

Public Speaking is a difficult subject and Coursera has a course to help you with speaking. It is an interesting course.

A quick video on the importance of WWI and what it did for society. It is easy to listen to and understand.

Fascinating science experiment! This video shows a Prince Rupbert's Drop and how it shatters with all of the science... see more

This is a fast talking video showing in really fun pictures some of the most inaccurate historical events.

This is a great "sun" science video explaining what would happen if the sun stopped. It is really interesting, full of... see more

This science video is quick (5 minutes) and explains the principles of Veritasium. The science is well explained and... see more

These simple "How To" Guides will help new online learners navigate the online environment. Each one addresses a specific... see more