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Since World War II, Italy?s economic growth has been one of the highest in the world. The objective of this study is to... see more

This article explores the use of debt capital by small firms using data from the 1998 Survey of Small Business Finances.... see more

There has traditionally been a symbiotic link between new business ventures and new banking ventures. This article finds... see more

With the passage of the Small Business Job Protection Act of 1996, many small banks throughout the United States became... see more

In some modern venture valuation approaches, option pricing theory plays an important role. The aim of this paper is to... see more

The transition of Poland to a free market economy, concurrent to a substantial increase of the private sector, promoted... see more

Many indicators are helpful in improving statistical performance for forecasting and policy analysis. We do believe,... see more

As of 1998, nine percent of the shares of all firms in the US, primarily young and small ones, have been owned,... see more

We model the optimal liquidation behavior of a venture capital or non-diversified asset management firm faced with a sale... see more

Financial capital is necessary not only for business formation but also for business survival and expansion: its role is... see more

One can define entrepreneurship, at its most basic level, as rent-seeking behavior. This behavior can be productive, as... see more

Asset pricing models with atomistic agents typically relax assumptions concerning rationality and/or homogenous... see more

Investment in innovation in industrialized economies increasingly is taken over by large firms that operate their own R&D... see more

In the past decade, market globalization has not only been a threat for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), but... see more

The advent of the Internet has opened many opportunities for bankers to access new customers, increase convenience and... see more

Access to capital is an on-going challenge for small firms. Capital is required to address a broad range of needs: to... see more

This current GAAP determination of a going concern is shortsighted for two important reasons. The most important deals... see more

The need to finance high growth and manage the interests and needs of investors makes value creation a critical concern... see more

The globalization of capital flow has resulted in an increasing number of firms choosing to cross-list their stocks in... see more

The United States has experienced a revival of interest in entrepreneurs. While much of the public fascination has... see more

This study examines the characteristics of the venture capital industry in Australia. Our analysis is based on responses... see more

This study examines the sources of venture financing of Chinese entrepreneurs in Wuhan, China. Based on a sample of 222,... see more

In this paper we analyze the frequency and information content of small Nasdaq stock trades and their impacts on return... see more

The paper augments the asymmetric information literature on bank lending to new ventures by focusing on the more... see more