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A paper that traces the subprime mortgage crisis to a policy decision by the managers of Fannie Mae (Federal National... see more

Economic development programs in China in the period from 1978 with Deng Xiaoping's announcement of the Four... see more

The explanation of wind flows around low pressure and high pressure systems

A webpage in which links are provided to histograms of sample statistics (mean, median, standard deviation, maximum etc.)... see more

Webpage on Alexander's career making the case that Alexander suffered from the manic/depressive syndrome.

Larger scale in animals of the same shape would reguire greater blood pressure. This might negatively affect longevity.... see more

If the scale of an animal in creased will maintaining the same shape the mass of a fetus would be proportional to the... see more

Early users of the differential calculus made use of the concept of an infinitesimal; a quantity so small that although... see more

Cost benefit analysis is the method for determining whether a particular project or policy is socially worthwhile. The... see more