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This is an self-directed interactive PowerPoint lesson and review for students to gain an understanding of the criteria... see more

This is a set of practice exercises on Ninian Smart's Seven Dimensions of Religion. Includes flashcards, games, self... see more

An overview of Ninian Smart's Seven Dimensions of Religion This is a PowerPoint presentation at SlideShare suitable for... see more

A collection of interactive learning objects. This link is their collection of lessons related to religion - mostly brief... see more

These interactive "lenses" allow the student user to explore and compare the world's religions thought a map & timeline,... see more

"The online companion to the weekly PBS television news program." Provides transcripts, video clips and podcasts of each... see more

An illustrated overview of the development of religion in America from Colonial times into the 19th century

Essays on religion, religious movements and religious groups in America from Colonial times through the 20th century.... see more

A collection of instructional strategies to promote active learning in the classroom on topics related to a variety of... see more

A collection of links to numerous online videos on a variety of topics related to religion. Provides direct access to... see more

[Sorry, but "Lost in the Cosmos" seems to be lost in cyberspace. In case it ever returns, this entry can be used as a... see more

"This web site is designed to assist teachers of middle grades and secondary level history and social science programs in... see more

This site is a data archive of almost 200 professionally conducted surveys related to religion in American. A GREAT tool... see more

Probably the most extensive single site on the Internet for sacred texts from all sorts of religions, including not only... see more

A really COOL, multi-media, interactive site focused on creation myths from various of the world's cultures. An award... see more

A very extensive and most oft referenced site devoted to the promotion of religious tolerance. Presents basic information... see more

The World Religions and Spirituality Project draws its original inspiration and impetus from the New Religious Movements... see more